Dear Deb, 

Thank you so much for continuing to teach piano lessons during this difficult time. I realize that teaching piano over Zoom to my 8 year old, who is learning piano for the first time, can be difficult, but I admire your patience. 

Sanvi really enjoys learning from you. You always bring a positive upbeat attitude and a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you for opening another way for us to experience the joy of music.



Swetha & Sanvi

Ms. Deb is my daughter’s piano teacher. Within a short period, I saw a significant  progress already. We’re on our 2nd month and we are happy because she instills the love for music and learning . My daughter loves her teaching style, she understands what areas my daughter needs to improve on and knows her abilities. Overall we are satisfied with her services and looking forward to having more lessons with her. 

-Laurie, student parent

Thank you Deb. It’s quite telling how Lincoln reacted when I told him we couldn’t get him on for piano this morning. He was super disappointed. I think kids naturally gravitate to light. Thanks for being one for my littles….and for me. Laura, mom

We have truly enjoyed your online lessons. It has given my son and I an activity we can bond over and enjoy. I love waking up in the morning and listening my son play the piano whether he is practicing or free-styling. You have made the class a safe space where we feel great about asking simple questions and receive wonderful explanations. Thank you!! Lakme, mom

Deb’s music lessons are well structured & well paced. She gives each student individual attention & nurtures their progress to spark creativity. She quickly builds relationships & provides a safe environment for students to make mistakes & grow as musicians. Especially during the pandemic, Deb created a comfortable music platform for kids which also served as a good stress buster in chaotic times. Ramya, mom

Ms. Deb is an amazing teacher.  She loves music and her enthusiasm is contagious.  I have both my daughters learning from her.  Ms. Deb really understand her students needs and works tirelessly to meet them.  She has a quality to her teaching that is exceptionally rare.  Thank you Ms. Deb. Lalitha, mom 

We have been learning from Ms.Deb for past 6 years and she is the best. She is very patient with my daughters and helps them understand the concepts. Ms.Deb has also been so accommodating with any changes to schedule. My kids love Ms.Deb and her music. 🎶 Sri-mom

Ms. Deb is a true educator at heart.  She has a passion for what she does, and enjoys nurturing any and every child's interest.  We have been with Ms. Deb for almost 10 years, and have had the privilege of watching her mold our daughter into a music enthusiast, who has developed a sincere love and passion for piano.  Ms. Deb's flexibility with scheduling, as well as her desire to really see her students shine, makes her the obvious choice for any parent looking to encourage their child in the arts.   ----------- Krishna, mom of Saranya

We have been so blessed by blossoming Hearts Music! My kids are progressing so nicely and I honestly never have to bug them to practice!! They love it that much! Deb is very encouraging and available for them. It’s been an awesome experience for our family. Emily Dillard