Piano Lessons


Through the years I have heard so many times, “I took piano lessons when I was a child.  I regret quitting!”

 I ask, “Why did you stop?” 

Most often the answers are:

  •  “I loved music as a child! But, the practice was boring.”   
  •  “The teacher would not let me play songs I liked.”   
  • “The progress was so slow.  I gave up.” 

The common thread is that every single person regrets that they do not play as adults.

Do you want your child to be able to play piano? Are you worried they will be bored? Concerned about slow progress? Have you thought it would take too much time?  

You are not alone! Parents in my studio expressed the same concerns.

After joining the studio, here is what our studio parents are saying:

  • Lessons are convenient and flexible
  • There is a high standard
  • Lessons are personalized
  • Teacher is encouraging
  • They are enjoying their lessons
  • A great mix of learning and fun

Student Milestones Include:

  • Students become eager to practice
  • Learning 3 or more songs a week in months of lessons
  • Finishing books earlier than publisher suggestions
  • Developing confidence by performing in concerts up to 4 times a year

Accelerated Piano Lessons develop independence, confidence and competence.

 No more worries about slow progress! 

  Students usually complete their first book in few short months.


Students are happy to practice what they have learned!


Siblings bring music to their homes!


  Summer camps build and reinforce skills and friendships!     


Making music and working together build lifelong friendships and talents.

Blossoming Hearts Music Studio